Rich Nosworthy
motion graphics / animation


New Zealand



MTV +1

Exploding stuff in Cinema 4d

for Bunker Media


  1. nice to see someone with talent showing their work online without telling me he’s a genius first or trying to sell me anything….and your “Factory” logo’s super-cool too!


  2. Wade Lambert


    Wow your work is awesome!!! Keep it up!!

    In your MTV animation, did you model all of those elements yourself?

    What computing power have you got? Specs? I just got cinema 4D and im looking to upgrade my computer.

    Thanks Man

    • admin (Author)

      Thanks Wade,

      I did a few, but wasn’t a very good modeller at the time, so the headphones, boombox, shoe, tape and tv were modelled by our other 3D artist Tony Wood who did a great job. The guitar was a free stock model.

      It was actually rendered on an old mac pro, thats mostly used for editing. Could do with an upgrade too : )

  3. Christian

    Master I appreciate your work they are really great!
    Am a C4D Student, can create and animate a few things saw you as a mentor.
    Pls can you make a tutorial on this so we can learn.

  4. rich (Author)

    Thanks Christian, I’ve done a couple of tutorials before on my vimeo channel. They can take quite a long time to make, but definitely hoping to do some more in the future. Will put it on my list


  5. Hi Rich

    You’re work is outstanding, well done. Im a ‘mature’ student at the moment studying motion graphics,animation and vfx. I wondering if i may ask, when you get a brief is there a process you go through to generate ideas? Im currently working on a brief that is to create a 30sec piece for MTV (for uni) Universal Everything are a tough act to follow!
    Thanks for your time (and the cracking animations!)


    • rich (Author)

      Thanks Andy,
      depends on the client and brief but usually worth spending some time gathering ref or design styles your think might fit. Then play around with ideas based on that, and try and get some of your own style in there too. A lot of the time i actually just run with an idea, and don’t plan too much beforehand, but it depends on the person really. This one was actually done before in AE but the client wanted to try a more 3D style, so alot of the concept was there before. Stuff like this is a lot of fun tho as usually the brief is pretty loose so you can try ideas out.

  6. Andy lights

    Cheers mate … :-)

  7. Emerson

    Great work man, you are still the sensei, but I am coming after you man, don’t slow down!

    regards from Australia


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