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Zbrush To VrayforC4d 1.8 Workflow

Pause Logo

Pause Fest 2014

Was honoured to be ask to create some IDs for this years Pause Fest in Melbourne.  Just finishing it up so should be on the portfolio in the next few weeks.  Lots of fun to work on, thanks to Caspian, George and the whole crew from Pause.


ArchViz Scenefile

Heres a scene I made the other night.  Though i’d add the scene file as a few people asked about it.  You’ll need vrayforc4d to render it, theres also an x-particles setup in there too, but its only a small bit, and you can get away without it.

Grab it here

Day 171 – Process Video

Thought i’d show one of my 2D only breakdowns.  All done in illustrator and photoshop

Day 152 – Mars Attacks Process Video

Another screencast of Day 152.  Inspired by one of the mars attacks opening shots, I decided to make this one.


Zbrush Matcaps – Volume 1

Been learning a lot of zbrush recently.  Particularly loving the matcap system and how easy it is to make your own.  Heres a first set of materials i’ve made.  They’re hand painted in photoshop based off of reference images of some interesting materials i found.  They’re more illustrative rather than photo real but give i think an interesting look.  Planning to do more in the future

You can put them in your zstartup/materials folder and then you can load em by default.

download them here

Game of Thrones – Process Video

Made this a few days ago for my everydays project.  Took about an hour all in all, and thought i’d record a timelapse of it.


Everydays 139

A big 6 hour Zbrush session trying to finally figure that massive program out resulted in this dude.  Am a big fan of Evangelion so had been thinking of sculpting this guy for a while.

99Frames Breakdown and Scene File

Heres the breakdown video for my 99Frames animation.  Actually had as much fun making this as the original animation.  I’m also providing the scene file for download if you want to have a closer peak inside of how things all work.  Its not really that complex to be honest tho, just a lot of keyframing and the mograph module.

Feel free to do what you want with it, except for reselling it or claiming it as your own work.  Also please don’t repost the file, instead just link to this post.  Thanks.

Grab me 

You can see the final animation here


Everydays 88

Like the way this one came out.  Another homage to Beyond the Black Rainbow.

Done with Zbrush and Cinema 4D

Everyday Project