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99Frames Breakdown and Scene File

Heres the breakdown video for my 99Frames animation.  Actually had as much fun making this as the original animation.  I’m also providing the scene file for download if you want to have a closer peak inside of how things all work.  Its not really that complex to be honest tho, just a lot of keyframing and the mograph module.

Feel free to do what you want with it, except for reselling it or claiming it as your own work.  Also please don’t repost the file, instead just link to this post.  Thanks.

Grab me 

You can see the final animation here


  1. vic

    Rich, this is awesome, thank you for sharing this, I’m sure a lot of people will learn from your file.



  2. Thanks for sharing Rich.

    Not quite sure what’s going on with the xpresso in the Main Camera but I’ll have another look later.

    How long did it take to render?



    Chris Seibold
    West End, Brisbane, Australia

  3. rich (Author)

    Hey Chris,
    no worries. The main camera xpresso calculates an oversize render setup. You can get it here, it does the job but a bit basic

    It took quite a while to render, but all done with physical renderer, so I just upped the settings to reduce noise. You could probably get away with lower settings. I did get an noisy but acceptable version done on my old macbook pro in an evening

  4. K


    Inspiring work.


  5. Amazing work there Pete. Very generous of you sharing the file.

  6. tison

    hi rich

    its awsome and thanks for sharing it

  7. Lukasz Pason

    I can’t wait to open this up and see your key framing! THank you so much for sharing!!!

  8. Amiran

    I cant download scene file. any help please

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